Delivering the promise of Christopher 9 through the power of music and word, Fan Fiction is led by singer Marc Samson and keyboardist Jeff Honeycutt, and includes the most talented musicians in Prism City. We are all brothers in the lovers' rain. "I'll be dead before I can be wrong."

Thank you Father Three.

Anticipated Hits is the highly influential debut album from the most respected group in Prism City: Fan Fiction. Packed with incredibly precise musicianship, lyrics crafted to fully praise Father Three in storysong, and a handful of never-before-heard secret chords, Anticipated Hits is a tale of love lost no matter what the cost. The album features appearances by legendary singer Marty Hartman (Mayer Hawthorne), legendary guitarist Dean Parks, and other legendary legends from Prism City.

  • Side A

    1. Mister Minit 3:34

    2. Can’t Stop 4:06

    3. Ready Or Not 4:11

    4. A Staler Tale 4:37

    5. Look Of Girl 3:36

  • Side B

    6. Christopher 9 3:50

    7. Whatever Happened To Love 4:04

    8. So Alone 4:28

    9. Apart of Me 1:54

    10. Back To Philly 3:46

    11. “Sergio 11” Theme (bonus track) 1:05